The quest for greatness is alive and well.

It lives in every backyard baseman and grade school goalie. It lives in soccer stars, gridiron giants and world-class fighters. The challenge is translating the passion of little league into a legacy that lasts.  Sporting Global approaches that challenge with quality, determination and a commitment to excellence to match the elite athletes and organizations we represent.  With our help, global brands expand to new markets, and lifelong fans are born – ensuring the long-term financial success of the organizations and athletes we proudly serve.

At Sporting Global, we know how hard you play. And that’s how hard we’ll work.

Our Playbook

Professional Teams

Sporting Global provides services for every stage of your game. Whether you are establishing a new team or expanding an existing brand, there’s a Sporting Global strategy that’s specific to you.

  • Identifying New Market Opportunities

    A successful player is always advancing. Growing. Improving. And so should their personal brand.

    Sporting Global is constantly scouting out new opportunities for our clients, ensuring their brand development is as unique and progressive as they are.

  • Camps and Clinics

    Legends are made, not born. At Sporting Global camps and clinics, we’re creating legends, one at a time. Athletes of all ages experience the drive, the determination and the dedication to excellence demonstrated by the teams who proudly utilize our team’s experience to create a camp atmosphere unlike any other. Athletes leave our camps and clinics better prepared to play the sports they love, and they have more love for the teams and athletes that gave them that knowledge. So while legends are made, fans are born at our camps. And they’ll stay with you for life.

  • Club/Team Consulting

    All of the most successful athletes have one thing in common: efficiency. Steps aren’t wasted. Every movement serves a purpose. We work with our clients to improve internal business operations. We can provide consulting support on organization dynamics, finances, marketing, innovation, game day operations, fan engagement and cross cultural engagement. Want to maximize your success? Be efficient on the field, and off.

  • Brand Expansion and Monetization

    The most successful brands in sports grow strategically and authentically. We help our clients develop innovative programs in new markets, maximizing opportunities for growth locally, nationally and globally. Along the way, our clients earn new fans. Those fans, coupled with our best-in-class support, guarantee new revenue and long-term financial success. While you’re building your legend, we’re growing your legacy. Ready for a huddle?

  • Game day operations

    For fans, the game day experience starts long before the clock. There are rituals and rivalries to be honored. Tailgates and lucky t-shirts. At Sporting Global, we have a game day ritual of our own: providing seamless game day operations, so that the excellence fans come to see on the field is reflected off field too. Want your fans to come back, again and again? We’ll deliver an experience that makes that happen.


  • Brand Building Through Community Outreach

    Your legacy may start because of what you do in a stadium, but it will flourish because of what you do with your fans. Sporting Global works as a liaison between clients and fans, creating genuine connections that will last a lifetime. Leveraging local contacts and building a fan base that grows year after year is our business. We’re about the details. Because details matter.

Professional athletes

  • PLAY.

    We’re proud to be valued teammates for high-value, high-profile athletes. We help our clients seize opportunities through ongoing representation, contract negotiation and professional physical development. Focus on your game. Leave everything else up to us.

  • BUILD.

    Your record on the field matters, but your track record off the field counts too. We help our athletes build and maximize their personal brands through community work, sponsorships, active public engagement and the creation of unique revenue opportunities tailor-made for every client we serve. We also negotiate and maximize sponsorship agreements, making the most of every opportunity for our athletes. Your brand can transcend your sporting accomplishments. We can help.

  • PLAY ON.

    You’ve worked hard to get where you are. But where do you want to go next?

    We’ll help you stay involved in the sport you love, long after your playing days are through. We do this by helping expand your brand and creating opportunities for engagement in the communities that matter to you and your fans.

Our Roster

Sporting Global delivers a world class experience. They have exceeded our expectations in expanding the FC Barcelona brand in the United States. The Sporting Global team works closely with us, giving attentive, personalized service to our team and the athletes we serve. They are just as committed to protecting and optimizing our brand as we are. FC Barcelona envisions a bright future in the United States, thanks to our valued, trusted partnership with Sporting Global.”

-Oscar Grau
CEO FC Barcelona

Rafa Nadal Academy By Movistar

Sporting Global has helped me build a strategy to realize my vision inside the cage, on the mat, and in my business. They are a values driven team that treats me like family and always puts my best interests first. I am proud to be a Sporting Global Athlete.”

-Rafael Lovato Jr.

Our Front Office

John Nash

BA – University of Oklahoma; JD – Seton Hall University School of Law; MBA – Real Madrid/European University in Madrid

John Nash grew up in small-town America where he learned how to fuel a dream with hard work and passion.

After playing basketball for the Sooners and graduating from the University of Oklahoma, John took a commission with the US Army and began a career of service that spanned almost 20 years and multiple continents.  That experience provided him with a leadership background in international operations and relations, which he now combines with a vision for creating growth and value for sporting organizations and figures around the world.

Fenton Sanger

Chief Strategy Officer


BBA- University of Oklahoma; MBA University of Southern California Marshall School of Business

Fenton Sanger was raised in an entrepreneurial family in Lawton-Ft Sill, Oklahoma, U.S.A. prior to attending the University of Oklahoma.  He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and holds his MBA from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

His career began with a Fortune 35 Company. Career progression includes roles in marketing, sales, consulting, new product development, strategy, and as a regional executive.

Fenton resides in Manhattan Beach, California, with his wife Rachelle, and their twin daughters Julia and Lauren.

Georgia Pavlosthathis

BA – Agnes Scott College; MA – Real Madrid Graduate School – European University of Madrid.

A native of New York, Georgia grew up playing soccer competitively, living  throughout the U.S. and Europe. After completing her dual BA from Agnes Scott College she went on to pursue her passion for sports by obtaining a MA in Talent Identification and Development in Soccer from the Real Madrid Graduate School in Spain. Georgia then served as Director of Operations, spearheading the first Real Madrid Foundation soccer academy in the Americas where she also worked closely with one of the most important names in FC Barcelona’s youth development history.  Georgia is a relentless professional who focuses  on detailed operational delivery in the youth and talent development space.

Francisco Archila

Director/Market Development

South America

BA – Finance and International Relations; MBA – Real Madrid/ European University in Madrid

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Fransisco Archila has a background in finance and leadership. He has more than nine years of sales and capital markets experience in financial institutions. He is strongly oriented towards family, football and personal relationships.

Joaquin Targhetta



BS – McIntire School of Commerce – University of Virginia; MBA – IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain.


Joaquin is a Madrid native but grew up in the United States, where he spent most of his youth, including his college career. He played highly competitive soccer at both Club and Olympic Development level, and he won a National Championship Division I tittle playing for the Virginia Cavaliers in 1994 under Bruce Arena’s orders.

After gaining valuable international experience, Joaquin returned to his home city, where he worked in consulting and financial planning for top international companies such as Arthur Andersen and Merck & Co for more than a decade. He also obtained his MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona. Today he continues to live in Madrid, where he enjoys playing sports with his wife and three children.


Director/Market Development

South America

BA – Finance and International Relations; MBA – Real Madrid/ European University in Madrid

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Fransisco Archila has a background in finance and leadership. He has more than nine years of sales and capital markets experience in financial institutions. He is strongly oriented towards family, football and personal relationships.



Two words describe the experience we build for our young athletes: World. Class. World Class coaches. World class curriculum. World class management.

Our goal is to make lifelong fans of the kids who attend our camps and clinics, not for our brand but for yours. Kids at our camps leave with an elevated skill set and a lifelong love for the teams and athletes we represent.

Together, we’re building the next generation of game changers. Join us.

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